Pita Bread

Pita Bread

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Persian flat bread.

Inclusions: Available in 6 or 12 pcs pack of frozen and ready-to-cook Pita bread only

Instructions in cooking:

Option A – The traditional Persian way is to heat it directly on a gas stove-top flame.

  • Step 1 Turn on a burner – set open flame to medium, place a grid-iron if you must
  • Step 2 Using metal tongs, place Pita bread on top
  • Step 3 After a few seconds, turn the pita over heating the other side, doing it over until the Pita puffs or as desired

Option B - You can also heat Pita using a non-stick Pan (no oil) on top of your stove.

NOTE: Approximately 4 days when chilled, but you can place it in your freezer for a longer shelf life.  We recommend paring your pita bread with any of our kebabs, tomatoes, onions, falafel, and our Persia Grill Original Garlic Sauce.

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