Meatless & Guilt-free Lenten Recipe Ideas


While summer is officially here, it isn't always sunny seascapes and a vibrant party scene that people find the most value in. For a great number of individuals, this period of time often marks some of the most meaningful and solemn events of the Lenten season.

Lenten season represents a period of sacrifice where people forgo meat and poultry in favor of seafood and vegetables, which some people find bland.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have guiltless Fridays and Lenten season food choices that even the kids would wonder how it tasted so great even without meat on it?

Well tidy up the kitchen and fire up your favorite shows! Here’s a list of spruced-up, guilt-free recipes and food ideas you can try with your family during fasting and abstinence season!

1. Mezze Sampler

In order to be dubbed "a platter unlike any other", you got to be pretty good in just about everything you offer. This is where the Mezze sampler shines!

With 5 of the top choices of plant-based  goodness on one platter namely; Hummus, Baba Ganoush, All Natural Tahini, Falafel and  vegetable samosa, Prepare to be Amezzed (get it?) because something so good shouldn’t feel this sinful. 

Did we mention this is served with 4 pcs of pita bread as well as a side of our signature garlic sauce & hot sauce all ready to eat?

Pro tip! These healthy snack dips pair especially well with pita bread over your favorite program on Youtube or Netflix!

2. Plant Based (Vegan) Kebab Sandwich

In partnership with Beyond Meat International, we introduced the nation’s first meatless beef kebab! For a delicious sandwich, pair with sliced tomatoes, onions, pita bread heated over an open flame, and a cooked plant-based kebab and viola! 

You have yourself a “beef” kebab sandwich, er.. Close to it at least. For cooking instructions check this out!

3. Falafel Sandwich

Continuing the theme of sandwiches is the soft on the outside, crispy on the inside, Falafel Hummus sandwich!

Simply line the pita bread with a heaping tablespoon of hummus; prepared with the usual pita bread, sliced onions, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, and 2 patties of golden-brown fried falafel.

Packed full of plant-based protein, this is especially recommended as a post-exercise meal.

4. Fried Vegetable Samosa

Traditionally paired with tamarind sauce in central Asian countries, our spin includes dipping it into our creamy garlic sauce. This contrasts the crispy outside with the soft and chewy inside. Biting into all the savory & aromatic notes just tempt the medley of flavors to dance on the tip of your tongue. We recommend this be eaten as is.  

With these Lenten food ideas and recipes, you won’t even realize the meatless season has passed. The best part is, these are all scrumptious, healthy, and nutritious meals your family will surely love.

Loved our ideas? Comment below if you have recipe suggestions you would love us to feature next time!

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