The holiday season is officially here! Homes & streets abound with Christmas cheer! Lights, sounds and plenty of action as friends and family alike begin to think of their gift giving as they plan their time together. During this special time, we need to remember what truly matters and it certainly isn't always in the material. Here’s 4 reasons why food should be the center of your holiday get togethers!

  1. Food brings people together unlike anything else

No man’s an island. Humans are naturally wired for connection with each other, it’s how we’ve progressed and how we continue to find meaning in our modern lives. Equally integral to humanity’s survival has also been nutritious food! Tried and tested through millenniums past and across cultures worldwide, satisfying meals have constructive power unlike any other to turn anyone’s day for the better. Especially when the people in your life already have everything they materially need, what else can you ask for?

Never mind the fact that mouthwatering dishes make a marvelous excuse to see the people you wholeheartedly enjoy, the right food with the right company has all the power to spark a fire in your soul when you do it right!

  1. Show your love through food without a single word

As the saying goes "action speaks louder than words". People have all sorts of ways to interpret words, but nothing says I value you like a soulful pot of 8-Hour Slow Roasted USDA Beef Belly with Chipotle Herb Rub! A lot of individual time, effort, energy & technique goes into a hand-crafted dish that the latest gadgets or gizmos can never capture quite the same way. Not to mention that showing someone you care means making sure they eat well!


  1. Even Santa needs a break

Make no mistake about its Santa’s a surefire hero for moving heaven and earth to bring joy & happiness to kids the world over, so even Santa needs our love! After all, Santa might have come from a long day’s work before heading out with all his little helpers to make magic happen. Maybe treats under the Christmas tree isn’t such a bad idea after all?

  1. Reward yourself

It’s the tail end of the year once again! Can you believe how much you’ve had to overcome just to get to this point? It took a lot of courage, resilience, self-belief & persistence day in day out but you made it! If you’re still going through the motions of life that’s okay too. More reason to ring your closest people, slow down & even reset. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So go ahead and host a dinner with your friends! Your spoiled for choice with all the amazing selections of restaurant quality ready-to-cook foods across the internet so why not? These days at least, a click of a button is all that separates you from recreating the flavors of different parts of the world in your very own home and that’s incredible however way you look at it. We live in a special time in history indeed!

So, are you ready to let the good times roll?

The holiday season is a great time to show gratitude for all that was as well as an opportunity to begin reinventing ourselves in preparation for the new year. In more ways than one, hearty meals play a major role in a lot of the transformational moments that occur as we spend precious quality time with our loved ones.

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